This privacy policy explains the information we collect about you, how we collect this information, what we do with the information we collect about you, the control you have over your personal information and what we do to protect your personal information.

Information We Collect About You

If you do not have an account or are not signed in, we collect no personal information about you.

If you choose to create an account we ask you to give us your email address. We don't collect any further personal information.

How We Collect Information About You

Your email address is collected via our sign up form when you choose to create an account. This information is sent directly to us to allow your account to be created.

What We Do With Your Personal Information

The email address you provide when creating an account is used solely as a unique identifier for you.

You use your email address as your username when signing in. We use this to find your account.

We do nothing else with your email address. We most certainly do not sell your email address nor share it with anyone else.

Controlling Your Personal Information

When signed in, your account provides a means of changing the email address on your account.

You must close your account to have your email address removed from our systems. Please contact us to have your account closed.

How We Protect Your Personal Information

You are asked to choose a password when signing up. This password protects your account from being accessed by others.

You are responsible for ensuring that the password you choose is neither easy to guess nor a noticeably poor choice by anyone reasonably familiar with the subject or computer security.

Your account information is stored in our system database.

The information in the system database can be accessed only by those with the system database password or by anyone with physical access to our production systems.

We cannot protect or secure your personal information whilst it is in transit to us. It is possible for someone, such as a malicious person or a Goverment entity, to intercept information as it is travelling over the Internet. We cannot stop this.

Announcing Changes To This Privacy Policy

We may update this privacy policy from time to time should anything stated above change.

Changes that happen will be detailed on our blog. Notifications regarding changes will be announced through our Twitter account.